Portrave Solutions


01. Inception

The team at Portrave works diligently to discover as much as possible about our clients’ businesses, from core company values to both short and long term objectives. By aligning our approach to our clients’ organizational values, this facilitates more transparent and positive communication and ultimately a more successful project.

02. Requirements Analysis

Whether it’s a brand new website, a complex new web application, or an existing website restructuring process, requirements analysis is a critical first step. We uncover and document the project requirements to help the project run as smoothly as possible during implementation.

03. Layout/Design

Design is not just about creating graphics that appeal to the eye. Good design is all about putting the user first, being sensitive to their needs and always striving to maintain a high level of usability and accessibility. Our efforts at Portrave are focused on combining the best design, technology and content to deliver powerful user experiences.

04. Development

Once initial design concepts are finalized, development begins. We develop the front-end and back-end code, work on any custom system/database integrations, and optimize code for mobile and SEO. During development, our designers and developers collaborate closely assembling the responsive designs meticulously.

05. Quality Assurance/Testing

Our rigorous testing process ensures your websites and apps perform well on release. Less bugs, more smiles! Our testing team is made up of security experts and UX experts who check the performance, scalability and design of our applications from all perspectives.

06. Delivery

We pride ourselves on our track record of launching high quality and fully tested projects so your users have a smooth experience from Day One. Under production traffic, we collect performance data and monitor user feedback to learn what areas to optimize in the short term while establishing a backlog of tasks to work through in the longer term.